Cornish artist Nicholas St.John Rosse has a traditional artistic background, honing his skill over the years. Draftsmanship and realism are central to his painting. He focuses on the human figure, often exploring how posture conveys meaning.

Nicholas places his subjects on sunny beaches to invoke memories of childhood holidays. He rarely paints faces, intending to capture a mood and feeling without revealing the individual’s identity. This device encourages you to project your own interpretation. As a result, we’re consistently delighted with how often buyers of Nicholas’s work see their own children (or grandchildren) in his beautiful paintings. He also perfectly captures the sparkling light of the tide breaking on the shore, such that you can almost hear the gentle crashing of the waves.

Nicholas frames all of his paintings himself in his own workshop. We can also frame Nichols’s wok in a moulding of your choice.

Nicholas has featured in many mixed shows at Dart Gallery and we show a fresh selection of his work all year around. Whenever you visit you’ll find his beautiful work on show.

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