Art Buying Guide

Dart Gallery Art Buying Guide is here to help you in your art buying journey. Like many of our customers, you may be new to buying art. Owning a painting you love can be immensely rewarding but taking the plunge and making the right choice can be difficult. This short guide will help you deal with the uncertainties that often face prospective art buyers. Follow this guide to choose your painting with confidence.

Buy what you love. If you follow your heart you can’t go wrong. Some paintings captivate you from the first moment you see them, others take time to find their way into your consciousness. Go with what feels right.

Be true to yourself and trust your own choice. By definition everyone has a subjective response to art. Don’t dwell on what others think. Buy the painting that speaks to you.

Don’t buy just to invest. Art can be a fantastic alternative to leaving your money in the bank, especially in these times of low interest rates. But don’t buy just for that reason. If you buy a painting you love your enjoyment of it will provide an emotional return whatever the financial value.

Take the time you need to consider your choice. You may need several viewings before you decide which painting is yours. Don’t feel you have to rush. It’s not unusual for buyers to spend several hours with us and make numerous visits to the gallery before they choose.

Ask about affordable alternatives. If you love a painting but it’s beyond your budget ask about other options. We have a range of work by all of our artists so there may be a more affordable piece by the same artist or you might want to opt for a print over an original. We can also arrange for payment by instalment using the brilliant Own Art scheme.

Ask us lots of questions. You’re making a significant purchase so please ask us as many questions as you like. We love to talk about our artists and can tell you about their background and how they approach their work. We can also discuss more practical concerns like framing choices, delivery options and payment terms.