Artist Kate Richardson built a successful career as an occupational therapist before establishing herself as a full-time artist.

We’ve shown Kate’s work at Dart Gallery since 2011. Her paintings are generally inspired by her location. She paints colourful rock faces, springtime flowers , hedgerows and clifftops. Daffodil farms are also a current favourite. Each painting is full of energy and strong light. Kate enjoys the meditative process of painting and says emotion plays a key role. She feels her most successful pieces are borne from moments of elation. Kate’s inventive approach leads her to explore fresh techniques, materials and subjects. It’s therefore always a thrill to receive new work from Kate’s studio.

Kate’s paintings are presented in elegant white painted tray frames which will hang well in any room. Join our mailing list using the link below and we’ll keep you up to date with all of Kate’s new work.

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