Jo Quigley
Artist Jo Quigley graduated with a BA from Winchester School of Art and then an MA in Applied Fine Art from at Kingston University. Her confident and distinctive work soon gained a growing reputation. Her work is now much sought after.

People in the urban environment provide endless fascination for Jo and therefore much of her work is composed from photographs taken on visits to London. She quietly observes people going about their daily lives. Subjects in Jo’s paintings appear completely natural and un-staged because they are unaware of being seen. Jo tends to prefer locations where people gather in crowds; as a result her paintings are both intimate and intense. She intends that the viewer will feel involved in the scene depicted, perhaps seeing themselves in the crowd. It’s easy to see why Jo cites the work of Pissarro, Hopper and Lowry as key influences. She uses deep tray frames for all of her paintings, creating an elegant, contemporary look.

Jo is a prizewinning artist and has been shortlisted for several major awards. These include; BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2011; Surrey Artist of the Year 2011; and Artist and Illustrators Artist of the Year 2013 and 2014.

Our first collection of Jo’s eye-catching work is in the gallery now. Don’t forget that you can use Own Art with all of Jo’s work to spread the cost.

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