Henry Walsh

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Born in Norwich in 1978, Henry grew up in the Suffolk countryside. His childhood was interrupted by an accident in 1986 when a gravestone fell onto him, crushing his legs. He was lucky to escape serious injury but had to spend many long months recuperating from his injuries, during which time he discovered a lifelong passion for drawing and creating.

From 1994 Henry studied art, first at Ipswich College and then at Loughborough University. His academic achievements led him to London in 2000 when he embarked on a career in the art industry. After a successful decade working for established London galleries, he moved to Derbyshire in 2011 and now works as a freelance artist and designer while looking after his two children.

We’re thrilled to be showing Henry’s widely collected work at Dart Gallery. Each canvas combines careful and precise draughtsmanship with playful colours and compositions. Every painting is full of engaging details. There’s no doubt that Henry’s work will bring joy to any wall.