Cate is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art. Her thoughtful work captures the transience of the built environment, peeling back the layers of structures and examining the natural deterioration that occurs.

Cate is an an award winning artist. In recent years she has received the PAI James BS Curr Award (2017), the RGI City of Glasgow College Purchase Prize (2016 ), the PAI Art Hire Award and Glasgow Art Club Leiper Fine Art Prize (both 2015), SSA Open Eye Gallery Exhibition Prize (2014 ) and the RGI Armour Award for landscape painting of distinction (2013 ).

Cate combines monoprint with oils so an element of drawing is retained in her paintings emphasising her draughtsmanship.

We love the fact her paintings capture those lost, forgotten spaces. Her work has a quiet soulfulness which asks you to imagine the story that brought the subject of her painting to this point.